Complaints Policy

Complaints Policy

Our key aims are to:

Act quickly and efficiently to put things right if something goes wrong

Learn from customer complaints in order to improve our services where needed

Our Complaints Policy

At Mius we pride ourselves on our high standard of customer care and always strive to resolve any issues that arise as soon as possible.  We aim to achieve this wherever possible without the need for a formal complaint.  As a first step, the customer should talk to a member of staff in the appropriate department to reach an agreement informally.

Where we are unable to resolve problems informally, we will make it easy for the customer to make their complaint. We want our customers to be confident that their complaint will be looked  into properly. We will record all relevant details of the customer and of their complaint so that we can deal with it efficiently, and will keep customers informed about who is dealing with their complaint and how.

What is a Complaint?

A complaint is when a customer of MIUS is unhappy with the way that they have been treated and believe that MIUS has done something wrong.  They expect MIUS to look into the matter and respond to them.  The customer may feel dissatisfied or they may also feel that they have suffered delay, inconvenience, loss or expense.

A complaint may be about:

The standard of service or information provided

The timeliness of a service

The way a decision has been made

The way a person has been treated, e.g. if they feel they have been treated unfairly or discourteously

There are some things that we will not treat as a complaint because there are other more appropriate ways to deal with them.  These might include:

A first request for service or information, because we should be given the opportunity to respond to the request

A difference of legal interpretation or matters subject to legal action as these can only be resolved through the legal system

Matters relating to the employment of MIUS staff, as employees have other ways to raise these

How will we deal with a Complaint?

When MIUS has done something wrong, we will try and put things right as soon as possible.  We will also consider if and how we can improve things so that similar problems do not happen again.  If we do identify service improvements as a result of a customer complaint, we will include this as part of our response to the customer.

Informal Resolution

We will try and resolve things that go wrong as soon as possible, and to give our customers an outcome they are satisfied with.  We aim to achieve this wherever possible without the need for a formal complaint. So, as a first step the customer should talk to a member of staff in the appropriate department and reach a decision informally.  When a concern is reported to a member of staff, they will ask for a clear explanation of it in order to understand the  issue and the outcome that the customer is looking for.  If it is a simple, non-serious concern we will try and resolve it immediately, or as quickly as possible.

If we believe that the matter is not a complaint, or is covered by a different policy we will advise the customer how best to take the matter forward.

Stage 1: Formal Complaint - Team/Service Manager Resolution

If the complaint cannot be resolved quickly at the point of contact with the customer, it will be treated as a formal complaint.

The member of staff receiving the complaint will ask the customer to provide all the relevant information about them and their complaint, so that we can deal with it quickly and efficiently.  This information will be recorded in line with our data protection policy.  The complaint will be passed to a team/service manager to be dealt with.

Within 3 working days of receiving the complaint we will send an acknowledgement to the customer.  This will give the name and contact details of the manager dealing with the complaint.  We will also give the date by which the customer can expect a response.  The team/service manager will look into the complaint, come to a decision on it, and where appropriate consider what we can do to put things right.

We aim to resolve formal complaints and respond to the customer in writing within 10 working days of receipt.  If there is a good reason why this is not going to be possible, we will inform the customer and agree a longer timescale.

Stage 2: Formal Complaint - Director Resolution

If a customer is not satisfied with the response they receive at Stage 1, they should contact the Operations Manager as soon as possible and ask for the complaint to be looked at again.  We aim to decide this within 10 working days of receiving the request.  Before we agree to this we expect the customer to give clear reasons why this should be done - not just because they did not agree with the outcome of the Stage 1 complaint.

Where we agree to refer a complaint to Stage 2, it will be reviewed and looked into by a Director who has not previously been involved in the complaint.  Within 3 working days of us agreeing to review it, we will send an acknowledgement to the customer.  This will give the name and contact details of the Director dealing with the complaint and the date by which the customer can expect a response.  The Director will review and investigate the complaint and come to a decision on it.  Where appropriate they will also consider what we can do to put things right.

We aim to resolve a complaint at Stage 2 within 25 working days of our agreeing to review it. If there is good reason why this will not be possible, we will contact the customer to inform them and agree a longer timescale.

At MIUS, our customers are very important to us and we are confident that we provide a high level of customer service at all times. In line with this policy, we will always strive to seek an informal resolution to any issues that might arise and keep formal complaints to an absolute minimum. We regularly request feedback from our customers to ensure that we are continuously improving the level of service to all our valued customers.


"We originally found MIUS by personal recommendation. We have been extremely happy with our new practice start up purchase of a reconditioned scanner at a good price a few years ago and after looking at other companies we are now proud of our great value high spec new machine from MIUS. Their back up support is great too- training, reliable equipment, good servicing plans, fair pricing etc. I would have no hesitation in recommending them."

- Hope Vets

"We have once again had the pleasure of working with Mount International United Services. Ten years ago we purchased an ultrasound machine from them so when we required a new machine they were our first contact. Fraser and the team were attentive to understanding our needs and providing options which best met these needs and budget. We are pleased with our refurbished Phillips HD11 machine and are looking forward to growing into it. MIUS were great in organising a practical demonstration of the machine as well as answering all the questions we had. Fraser even went the extra mile in organising a chat with another vet who had the same machine. All the staff I had contact with were friendly, helpful and quick to respond to all communications. Fraser and the team have provided ongoing support and follow up which is a valuable benefit of working with this company. "

- Kings Road Vets

"Upgrading our diagnostic suit with another ultrasound machine from MIUS was sheer pleasure in all respects. The equipment is excellent and the support could not be better. MIUS provides an amazing balance of quality and price. On top of that, their philosophy of high end recycling is very timely."

- Abbey Green Vets

"Having already purchased an ultrasound machine from MIUS we purchased a CT scanner from MIUS in 2018. MIUS provided accurate and appropriate advice on which machine would best suit our needs and have been delighted with both the scanner and service we have received. From the first concept of installing a CT scanner Fraser and his team liaised with us to ensure we had the correct building requirements and to produce a timeline so that installation occurred seamlessly. The training provided by Ann and Denise was fantastic and left us with an excellent knowledge of how to use our machine and great follow up support when needed for complex cases / protocol changes. I would recommend MIUS to anyone!"

- Toll Barn Vets

"Fraser from MIUS provided us with a professional and honest appraisal of our practice needs when it comes to ultrasound imaging . There was no hard sell and the follow up and training were excellent. The machine we went for has exceeded expectations and is an invaluable tool in our diagnostics. If your interested in updating your system or just getting started I would highly recommend having a chat ."

- West Lakeland Veterinary Group

"Having purchased our CT Pod from MIUS last year I could not be happier with the service. The CT scanner is in excellent condition, the sales team were very attentive and made sure everything ran smoothly for the delivery date, and the after sales service care is excellent. Training was of a very high standard, and they were always there at the end of the phone if we had any queries after the training day. The ‘pod’ idea is working really well for us and was so much more cost effective than having to build an extension. I would recommend MIUS to anyone looking for advanced imaging for their practice."

- Torrington Orthopaedics Ltd

"I thought I would drop you a quick email to let you know how happy I am with your service. Starting with Fraser who stayed in contact throughout the process updating me, he has received several phone calls from me asking questions and has always been contactable. Your team at head office for our training day could not be more helpful and thorough, I thought the hands on training let me understand a lot more about the service we now offer. Finally to your fitting team “utterly exceptional”, they were very professional and caused little to no disruption to the rest of the practice. I could not have wished for it to go any better you have a VERY happy customer."

- Northwest MRI & CT : Toshiba 16 slice CT installation

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